Spore expansion in November

'Cute & Creepy Parts Pack' listed at e-tailers

It seems the first expansion to Will Wright and EA's Spore has been named, and it's coming out in just one month's time.

'Spore Cute & Creepy Parts Pack', surely the first of many expansions for the creationism-em-up, has been listed at US retailers and Amazon for release in the US on November 18.


There aren't any details on the e-tailers but obviously the game title does enough to explain the expansion package; it's a parts pack, and the said pieces are 'cute' and 'creepy'.

Spore's been out for about a month now, landing in shops to more than decent reviews. We were already expecting The Sims-style 'one-expansion-a-month' strategies from EA, and this first pack just strengthens our suspicion.

EA UK wasn't available to comment when we picked up the phone (it probably would've said 'no comment' anyway).