Shops scramble over FIFA 09 deals

Retailers giving away EA's footy game cheap or free with new consoles

UK shops are scrambling to come up with the top retail deal for EA's latest footy entry, FIFA 09.

Toys 'R' Us kicked off the frenzy by giving away a copy of FIFA with every PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 sold.

Other retailers noticed the madness and now Blockbuster, Game, Zavvi and... well, just about every game boutique going are also offering a free copy of FIFA to everyone who buys a PS3 or 360.


Blockbuster are giving away free footballs and vouchers to customers in support of EA's footy sim.

For those of you who already own a current-gen box (and we imagine that's quite a few of you) Tesco's thrown down the gauntlet for price cuts, slashing FIFA 09 to a rather attractive £29.71. Wait for the other supermarkets to follow...

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