Afro Samurai to get European release

Manga and hip hop fusion fighter coming to these shores next year

Atari is bringing Namco Bandai's PS3 and 360 title Afro Samurai to Europe in 2009, the company has confirmed.


A fusion of hip hop and Japanese culture, the game's based on the manga created by Takashi Okazaki and the hit anime series starring Samuel 'Mmm, that is a tasty burger' L. Jackson, who'll be voicing the game's main character.

According to the official blurb:

"Afro Samurai is the story of a man on a lifelong journey to avenge his father killed by the lethal fighter Justice. Now, shedding Justice's blood is Afro's only reason to live. Seeking Justice and fighting his final adversary to the death won't be easy as loyal assassins and trained henchmen are determined to destroy our tormented hero.

"In killing Justice, Afro will take the coveted number one headband for himself, and in this bitter world of chaos and megalomania, there's only room for one at the top."

The game also features an ink hand-drawn look and a hip hop score with a new track by The RZA of Wu Tang Clan fame, in case that's your type of thing.