Dead Space review: "world's scariest game"

"The new benchmark to beat in survival horror," says PSW

Dead Space is "the world's scariest game" says the latest issue of PSW magazine, which goes on sale tomorrow with the first PS3 review. Needless to say, it scores well.


So well, in fact, that the magazine goes so far as to say it topples the Resident Evil series from its survival horror throne.

"No one has really come close to jostling Capcom's T-Virus infected romp through Eastern Europe from its top spot since it arrived back in 2005. That is until now, of course," says the review.

"This is bold, bleak gaming from the haunting opening credits to the pulse pounding finish.

"Stunningly detailed, expertly paced and lavishly slaved over by Glen Schofield and his crew at EA Redwood, Dead Space should be classed as one of the finest looking and intelligently crafted games in many a moon," the review gushes.

"This is a horror game first and foremost, so naturally you expect gallons of gore, but to keep things from feeling like a tireless trudge through bloodbath after bloodbath, Redwood has thrown in a few puzzles along the way that require a little brainpower."

Concluding the review, the mag says Dead Space is "the new benchmark to beat in survival horror that pushes the genre to twisted new heights and into the outer limits of space itself," before slapping it with a nice 9/10 score.

The full world-first review is in issue 113 of PSW, out tomorrow.