PES 2009: Online is "top priority"

We won't make the same mistakes as last year, Seabass tells CVG

With just one week to go now until Pro Evolution Soccer 2009's release, the annual FIFA versus PES war is warming up nicely and we recently caught up with legendary series creator Shingo 'Seabass' Takatsuka at the PES European finals.

One key battleground this year will be the online component of both games and while Seabass conceded that PES 2008's online performance was perhaps more Conference level than Champions League, this year he's promising big things.


Seabass said, "I do acknowledge that last year we placed such emphasis on the controls that the online side was sacrificed. For instance if you didn't have a very good connection, that could really seriously affect your gameplay and it could turn out to be very horrible indeed.

"This year we looked at this [online] as a top priority and we tested half way around the world, so that even for people who don't have good connections we wanted to pursue how we can make the game still playable... we found a solution as well as taking on more players, four this time, for multiplayer online."

Seabass also promised that his team wouldn't be resting on its laurels and further improvements could be on the way post-release. "We're not going to stop, until we're fully satisfied with this online version of PES 2009, we want to go even further. So I promise you it will still continue to change and improve further as we go along."

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