Fallout 3 leaked onto the net

A few days after going gold

In probably one of the worst console piracy cases of the year, epic RPG Fallout 3 has leaked onto the internet... just a few days after going gold.

Copies of the Bethesda role-player are now doing the rounds on popular torrent sites across the web, reports games blog Kotaku.


Apparently the offending file weighs in at 6.52GB and is actually the Xbox 360 version of the game, so pirates will have to heavily modify their console to play it. We doubt that'll comes as much consolation to Bethesda, though.

The company is yet to release an official statement on the issue.

Being this close to completion suggests that the leaked game has spurred from press review code, rather than an actual on-shelf retail copy, but so far none of those fancy pirate groups have admitted to torrenting the title.

One torrent user said that the Fallout 3 leak was "like an early Christmas gift". We can only hope the Microsoft piracy squad bricks his console.

Fallout 3, the proper version, is out on PC, Xbox 360 and PS3 on October 31.