Fracture "is definitely a Gears quality game"

And terrain deformation isn't a gimmick, says Lucasarts

Lucasarts' terrain-deforming shooter Fracture - which is in the shops today - is definitely competition for genre big boys Gears of War and Resistance 2, the developer told CVG.

Speaking to us in a recent interview, Lucasarts producer Shara Miller said that players going back to other shooters after Fracture will miss terrain deformation, which is apparently proof that the feature isn't a gimmick.


"When we've done focus groups people have said, 'This is definitely a Gears quality game' and 'Why can't I have terrain deformation in Halo?'," she said, "so it's great to be compared to those really well loved games.

"For a new IP I think that we've done a great job of evoking in people's minds that it's a game of that calibre."

According to Miller it was important to Lucasarts to get Fracture out before the Christmas onslaught. "That was very important to us," she said.

"It's very risky for people to take a chance on a new IP and so we wanted to get out there and be unique at a time when people could focus on our game."

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