Church: 'Games are a force for good'

They can help kids make friends, say church and charity leaders

Games are a force for good in today's society, church and charity leaders said at a panel discussion hosted by (ELSPA). Hold on, they said what?

"We now live in a digital age where the nature of playing games has changed," said Martin Houghton-Brown of The Children's Society. "Children tell us supportive and loving relationships are key to a good childhood, we need to equip parents and carers to support children to stay safe when they play in the growing online world."

But while the panel agreed that games can have a positive impact, they also said that games need to be utilised in the right way to get the best results (and don't play GTA).

Mike Royal of the Lighthouse Group, which helps to educate children who have been excluded from school, said that gaming helps to build a dialogue with parents as well as children.

Joseph Steinberg of The Church Mission Society was apparently in agreement with these views too. Not sure what the Bishop of Manchester Cathedral would have to say about that.