THQ saves 50 Cent?

Blood in the Sand appears in publisher classification listing

It looks like THQ has saved troubled 50 Cent game Blood in the Sand, which was left in limbo after former publisher Vivendi merged with Activision.

The Swordfish Studios-developed shooter has appeared in a listing on our favourite website the Australian Classification Database, with THQ flagged up as the new publisher.


THQ UK was unavailable for comment we picked up the phone, and then spent 10 minutes trying to figure out what its new phone number is.

It'd be a fantastic move for the publisher - and any games company for that matter - as the original 50 Cent game though rubbish managed to shift a couple of million copies to hip-hop fans.

The sequel, under its new fresh UK dev, looks vastly better than the shoddy original and could actually turn out quite well. Read our eyes-on from our trip down to Swordfish for more.