Exclusive COD5 beta footage

Early impressions of the three maps currently on offer

The beta for Call of Duty: World At War is under way. And the good news is that if you loved COD4 multiplayer, then this will put you right back in that same comfort zone. It's every bit the same as Modern Combat only in a new setting with some new equipment and options to master.

There are a selection of new perks (even vehicle perks), weapons and maps to be devoured so let's get right to it. Below you'll find movies and first impressions. If you're not on the beta, let us assure you that it's all good and not as World War II-y as we first feared. We had to drag ourselves away from ranking up to bring you these words, so make sure you read them eh?


This video is no longer available

A small map that features plenty of small huts and houses to lurk in as well a tiny bit of jungle to get rough in and a thin strip of shore-line to get wet in. Towards the sea there are thin gangways that connect the huts and it's a camper's paradise thanks to plenty of low-lit corners. The good thing is that as the houses are made of wood so you can easily shoot through the walls and floor. And when you're in the sea the dogs don't seem to be able to come and savage you.


This video is no longer available

Nothing to do with the music venue in Camden, this is a circular map that features of plenty of mid to long range combat. The sniper's camouflage is particularly tricky to see, so hanging around to watch the 'Kill Cam' is a must to find out where the bugger is hiding. This map houses a couple of tanks you can jump into for a few cheap kills, before someone lobs a satchel charge on the weaker backside of the tank.


This video is no longer available

Odd this one as it's not really set in a castle. It's mostly a case of running around outdoors getting your head blown off from someone you didn't see (thank god for the Kill Cam). Like Makin there are plenty of houses to smoke out with your gas and flare grenades only this time shooting through the walls is harder than to them being made of concrete.

Are you on the beta? Have you played it day and night since it launched? Let your fellow readers know what's it's like below.