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BioShock 2: first trailer

Teaser trailer hidden in BioShock PS3

A trailer for BioShock 2 is tucked away at the end of BioShock on PS3, which launched in US earlier this week, it's emerged.

The trailer confirms the game's title as BioShock 2: Sea of Dreams. It's being developed by recently-founded 2K Marin, while original lead Ken Levine offers limited guidance as he works on a new IP.

The video features a Little Sister holding a Big Daddy plush toy, looking out over the sea. Other than that there's not much to see, though it's heavily rumoured that the second game is a prequel, and this trailer seems to back that up.

We reckon 2K will wait until 2009 to fully unveil the sequel, dodging the noise of all the awesome games coming out over the next couple of weeks.

Elsewhere, PSM3 has pointed out BioShock PS3's astounding 97% Metacritic score, which it notes is currently higher than GTA IV, sitting at 96%.

Watch it below and be excited...