Exclusive Dead Space footage

Four horror flicks from the game that will shit you up

The full horror-filled impact of Dead Space can only be mildly described. You've got to play it and a dark room with the sound cranked up to fully experience its unnerving experience.

We can't give you the game, but we can give you some videos to watch - they'll do the trick. If you need to, turn out all the lights and grab a controller so you can pretend you're playing it with us.

This video is no longer available

Above is the intro, in all its creepy glory. You fly out to space to investigate a space station that seems to have lost power. But things don't go as expected, and the situation turns just slightly sinister when a big beast thing chews some dude's face off, and you're forced to run for your life.

This video is no longer available

These are your first steps out into the space station where, after just a few moments of peace, things all go a bit wrong. The music and ambience is incredible, and the beast that leaps out genuinely made up jump. Stop reading. Check it out.

This video is no longer available

Snooping around in the space station, even when nothing happens the game manages to keep you on edge. We were playing with earphones on and you react to every sound, and peer round corners before stepping out. This is what all horror games need to be like.

This video is no longer available

We get into a scrap with one of those... things. Button icons appear on screen and you have to hammer them to break away from its grip. Then take aim at its limbs and blast away with that super-meaty sounding pistol. Very satisfying.