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Confirmed: THQ saves 50 Cent

BBFC listing reveals company as new publisher

A BBFC listing has confirmed THQ as the new publisher for troubled 50 Cent game Blood in the Sand, after an Australian body put it and THQ in the same sentence earlier this week.

The BBFC website lists "THQ International" as the new publisher for the game, after former Swordfish Studios parent Vivendi left it in limbo after its merger with Activision.


When contacted THQ UK gave us a straight "no comment" on the game. But it can't hold out for much longer.

It'd be a fantastic move for the publisher as the original 50 Cent game, though rubbish, managed to shift a couple of million copies to hip-hop fans. The sequel's looking half-decent as well.

The BBFC also reveals there are 112 minutes of cut-scenes in the game, if you're interested.