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Xbox 360 STILL leads PS3 in Japan

Microsoft's console also tops weekly PS2 sales

Xbox 360 has continued its impressive sales run in the Land of the Rising Sun, outselling the PS3 again, as well as the PS2, during the week ended October 12. There should be emergency meetings or something.


With Japanese 360 sales having topped PS3 sales for the first time on a monthly basis during September, and again in early October, perhaps we're going to have to stop being so surprised about it if the trend continues over the coming months. It seems hardware price cuts and an improved RPG line-up have served Microsoft well in the country, but can the 360 keep it up?

Overall, hardware sales were down across the board in Japan during the week in question. DS Lite comfortably retained the top spot, followed by PSP and Wii in a tight battle for second place.

Here are the figures, courtesy of Media Create:

DS Lite - 31,914
PSP - 23,901
Wii - 22,877
Xbox 360 - 7,763
PS2 - 6,982
PS3 - 5,734