Xbox World 360 podcast #24

Too many reviews, too little time.

Hard to believe it's been two weeks since our last podcast, but the calender assures us it's that time again...

We're going to offer you two apologies before you take a listen. First of all, it's a slightly shorter edition this month thanks to a critical error: we decided to talk at length about a certain game only to discover we're NDA'd up to our eyeballs, which meant chopping a rather large chunk out of the middle.

And secondly we're afraid to say that Rob lied to us - or rather he decided to take another holiday. Due to the dates of recording our very own Mr Tickle wasn't able to make what was supposed to be his last podcast. To be precise he's currently raiding the office for games to jet away with, never to be seen again.

On with the show...

Xbox World 360 Podcast Episode 24