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52 Afro Samurai shots

Namco's and Samuel L Jackson's surprisingly awesome Samurai romp inside

Here are 52 (yes, 52) new screenshots of Namco's awesome-looking Afro Samurai, which is out on Xbox 360 and PS3 in February.

We went hands-on with a demo version of the game yesterday, and it's definitely a massive surprise.


In case you're unfamiliar with the anime series, it tells the story of master ninja Afro (voiced on the telly and in game by Samuel L Jackson) who's out to seek revenge for his father's death and avoid being assassinated in the process.

Nacmo's version, as you can see from these shots, sports a gorgeous art style and unique sword slashing system, which allows you to slow time and aim your sword slices for totally dynamic dismemberment. It works and plays very well.

The soundtrack is fantastic too, featuring exclusives from Wu Tang Clan and Kill Bill man RZA.

One to look out for then. Look for a more detailed hands-on on CVG shortly.