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Eerie new Dead Space trailer

Video creeps out of the shadows ahead of the game's release this week

EA's released a launch trailer for upcoming survival horror title Dead Space, the game touted by some as the first great scare of the current-generation.

Dead Space, for those who missed it, sees you assume the role of engineer Isaac Clarke, an ordinary man forced to use "strategic dismemberment" as a means of tackling a vicious alien infestation aboard deep space mining ship the Ishimura.

Not sure what the French subtitles in the trailer are about, except to notify us that our French cousins will be getting the game on October 23, one day before its UK release on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 this Friday.

If you're undecided about taking a journey into dead space why not check out Xbox World 360's review here, and our exclusive gameplay videos here.