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Games will survive credit crisis, says Miyamoto

Eating is priority but entertainment "must come in second" says Mario man

Nintendo granddaddy Shigeru Miyamoto says games will beat the current credit crisis, as he thinks entertainment is almost as important as the essentials we need to survive.

Speaking during a London tour today to Channel 4 news, Miyamoto said he has high hopes for Wii Music despite the current rocky economic conditions.

"We need to eat in order to live - that's our first priority," Miyamoto said. "But entertainment and the enrichment of our souls must come in second place.

"Nintendo's mission is to take advantage of improving cheaper technology to create reasonable and affordable entertainment. It's very good value," he added. Xbox 360 is 60 quid cheaper, by the way.

Watch the entire Channel 4 broadcast, including more quotes from the Mario daddy, below...