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Dead Rising: Chop Till You Drop

The finest zombie game ever made shuffles onto Wii...

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There's no longer any need to juggle several objectives, and no danger of missing out on something good (there's actually no way to see all of the Xbox version in one sitting, no matter how efficiently you play it). Whether the Wii remake has a similarly branching structure remains to be seen.

We're not sure how Frank's status as a photojournalist fits into this one, since we didn't get to see any of the new cutscenes. He doesn't take any photos on Wii, unless they're added automatically at the end of each mission, so maybe he's just extremely fast with the old notebook and pencil.

He also doesn't jump. The official explanation for this is that the Resident Evil 4 engine and its over-the-shoulder camera view conspire to make Frank's feet invisible, therefore it would look extremely odd to see him jumping around, although we're sure we remember seeing Leon do a bit of context-sensitive hopping and kicking in Resi.


The unfortunate result of Frank's lack of athleticism is that the red ribbon barriers scattered around the mall prove to be insurmountable obstacles, funnelling him down narrow, zombie-filled pathways.

As well as the standard ex-shoppers, with their grey skin and detachable heads, zombified enemies now include evil poodles and a flock of parrots. One of the bosses from the original game - a massive fat lady cop with stun guns for hands - now crops up as a standard enemy in various spots, and she'll drop some heavy weapons when her hefty corpse finally evaporates.

There's plenty of work still to be done on this one, so we'll keep you posted on its progress over the coming months.

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