Molyneux "incredibly emotional" over Fable II reviews

Lionhead designer thanks press for "patience and belief" in mostly positive reviews

Lionhead boss Peter Molyneux has thanked the press for their "patience and belief" when reviewing Fable II, and said that he became "incredibly emotional" when reading the first verdicts.

The earliest online and magazine reviews hit earlier this week - including our own - and have earned Molyneux's 360 RPG a handsome 89% Metacritic score, which he seems to be pleased with.


"Fable II must have been one of the hardest games to review. The world is so big and the story and gameplay are enormous. How reviewers manage to distil such an experience into a few pages is incredible," Peter Molyneux told CVG this morning.

"I found myself becoming incredibly emotional as I read peoples reviews and saw how differently the reviewers were reacting to Fable 2. Some reviewers played good, others evil some enjoyed the combat more than the story. Some ended up rich and others poor and it's the sheer variety in how reviewers have played the game which has struck us most.

"I'd like to say a personal thank you to every reviewer out there for their patience and belief." Group hug!

Fable II went on sale in North America yesterday, and will be arriving in European shops this coming Friday (although some retailers are already selling it early). While not without its flaws, it's turned out great. You wouldn't go wrong to pick it up from the shops - even above all the other quality 360 games releasing this weekend.

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