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100 Gaming Horrors pt. 1

PSW's 100 of the best gaming shockers...

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9. Lights out: Hellboy Science Of Evil leaves us in the dark
Gloomy and brooding the film may be, but in Science Of Evil, you couldn't see a bloody thing. Fiddling with the contrast on the TV proved no use, just producing a washy blend of greys. Still, even if we could've seen it, the game was rubbish anyway.


10. Hand-held terror, Silent Hill Origins lands in our lap
How will it work? We asked. The whole thing about Silent Hill is that relentless atmosphere, that feeling of disturbing other, of wrongness and feeling so alone in the middle of untold horror. Now, how can a game weave that macabre spell if you can see your own jeans and the bus seat around the edge of the screen? Answer: too well. Origins tried nothing new, but play your PSP quietly in a corner and pretty soon people will be coming up to you and ask if you're okay.

11. Earache Extreme Metal Racing
Which is more shocking? The dreadful graphics and atrocious handling, or the accompanying piss-funny soundtrack from bands with names like Hate Eternal? It somehow scraped a pathetic 2/10 from us, which in hindsight is two marks too many.

12. Jenny bites the bullet in The Darkness
Player motivation is something that's hard to control. You might have goals and objectives, but how do you make a player go after them? The Darkness achieved this by killing off your girlfriend in such a way that the rest of the game was brought into focus in a truly original way.

13. Fight Night Round 3's Vicious Depiction of Boxing
Eyes swell, cuts develop, skin bruises, blood trickles
and fight fans everywhere are amazed by Fight Night's facial deformation. With no stamina or health bars, you have to look closely at your opponent to spot their weaknesses.

14. Getting lonely in Lost Planet
There were moments in Lost Planet when you felt truly alone. It really spoke to you, prompted questions about life: are we all reallty? Aren't we all just searching the snow fields of our soul for some distant answer? But then a load of alien bugs flew in and you had to shoot them to bits.

15. Medal of Honor: Frontline storms the beach
How could Frontline portray the Omaha landings with any credibility? How about making players claw their way up the beach under machine-gun fire, while watching comrades mown down? Truly breathtaking.

16. Sega Rally gets into the groove
There may have been initial worries, but there's no cause for concern.Everything feels just right. Bombing down towards the first corner, you pitch the car's nose in and the rear end swings out. The way you hold the drift through the turn, straighten out, and swing in for the next corner is with an irresistible and instinctive feel that Sega Rally just nails.


17. Ninja Gaiden Sigma gets tough
We had to wait a bit, and then had to put up with a tarted-up Xbox port, but it was worth the wait. Spectacular action and relentless combat, wrapped in dynamic visuals are what makes Ninja Gaiden Sigma great. But what we had underestimated was just how hard the game was. If you enjoy being hurt, tortured and beaten up, you'll love this game. Hard to learn, even harder to master, this is truly hardcore.

18. Need For Speed Carbon's drifting
Having undergone numerous overhauls, NFS finally had a solid street racer. With Carbon, a new game mode was introduced - canyon drifting. The run starts at the top of a huge downhill track, winding down through a canyon. It's night time, pitch dark and you are bolting through turn after turn, and all the time you are gliding the car from corner to corner. Just remember to breathe.

19. Resident Evil 4 is a local place for local people
RE4 was such a refreshing take on the genre the franchise had invented that we were astonished with the game. The opening chapter finds Leon Kennedy plunged into a hostile encounter with a village full of demented locals. The energy of the combat was new and exciting.

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