100 Gaming Horrors pt. 1

PSW's 100 of the best gaming shockers...

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20. Final Fantasy VII makes it onto PS3
It might just have been a tech-demo, but for a moment the RPG lovin' world stood up and literally screamed with orgasmic pleasure. Was it actually gonna happen? No, it wasn't a full remake, but what a way to capture the attention of the public. Sony remade the entire opening sequence from FFVII with a visual overhaul, then ran the whole thing in real time. Stunning stuff.


21. We all feel sick after going on a Manhunt
If it wasn't clear already, it became so with Manhunt that Rockstar weren't afraid of controversy. But running over Hare Krishnas was one thing. Being forced to ram glass shards in people's eyes and strangling them with carrier bags was quite another. Satirical reality TV context aside, this pushed the limits of game decency further and harder than ever before.

22. Wall-E: a crap kids' game
Wall-E being crap wasn't exactly a huge shock, but the extent of its crapness was - especially when the movie was rather good. Simply add the game to an increasingly long list of kid-friendly stinkers that includes The Chronicles of Narnia Prince Caspian, Pirates Of The Caribbean, The Ant Bully, Open Season and Happy Feet. Only this summer's Kung Fu Panda showed that kids' games don't have to be massively patronising.

23. Transformers: The Game being so bad
Not just bad, but "an ungodly mess that's about as welcome as a kick in the hairies from Optimus Prime", according to our Barry. And he absolutely loved the film, so he isn't averse to robots kicking lumps of metal out of each other. Everything about the game is wrong, from the way buildings collapse at the slightest touch to vehicles such as tanks being sent floating skywards.

24. Uncharted Drake's Fortune turns into The Descent
For most of the game you fight your way through the jungle. Then you reach the the monastery and it all goes batshit crazy. In a rip-off of horror flick The Descent, mutant creatures start coming out of the walls and the game turns into a scary survival horror.

25. It's quiet, too quiet, in Silent Hill 2
Where to start? Anyone who plays this and says they weren't scared is lying. This sequel took all that worked in the original, and some of what didn't, bolted it to fresh, shiny PS2 graphics and the resulting game was a stripped-down drag-racer of a fright machine.

26. WWE SmackDown Vs RAW 2008 goes bad
It's hard to imagine how THQ got it so wrong. It should've been great,but no. The fundamentals were awful. Blows that wouldn't connect, AI that lumbered stupidly around, a Story mode that was cluttered and that sense of mischief was gone.

27. Army Of Two breaks its promises
We expected a lot from Army of Two, but it failed to live up to the hype. We were promised driving sections. They never made it. And what was worse, the buggy was right there in the opening level. This laziness spread to the rest of the game as it became just another blam-'em-up.

28. Assassins Creed fails to deliver
Our only complaint against AC was that it wasn't awesome. There was plenty of good stuff, but what we got was a game that turned up at the party looking great , but which used up all of its best lines early on, got drunk, and staggered home alone at 3am.

29. Face to face with Pro Evo 2009
Unlike EA's excellent Game Face that does actually put your face, y'know, in the game, Konami's Pro Evo 2009 equivalent scans and slaps you mug onto an in-game character with all the subtlety of a gorilla unwrapping a Mars bar. The end result is one of more shocking moments in videogames.


30. Tomb Raider: Angel Of Darkness misses the ledge
In an age of Vice City was there still room for the kind of slow-paced adventure that Tomb Raider offered? No, seemed to be Eidos' answer. As a result, when Angel Of Darkness appeared, its fiddly controls and its frankly embarrassing amount of bugs were a catastrophic let down.

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