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100 Gaming Horrors pt. 1

PSW's 100 of the best gaming shockers...

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49. Manhunt 2 goes too far
Turns out you can keep a good serial killer down. Manhunt 2 was all set to go in the UK, but the BBFC didn't like it and the game became the first since Carmageddon to be banned. Rockstar have managed to overturn the decision, but the reviews have been lukewarm.

50. Writing insults and calling them 'levels' in Sony's Little Big Planet
If you are out to shock you can easily create giant platform levels from words, words that read BARRY IS A DICK. This, we found shocking. More so because you can leap and bound about the new insulting message and share it online.

Look out for the second half of this feature on CVG tomorrow, or see the whole thing in PSW magazine issue 113, in shops now.

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