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Starbreeze's Syndicate is real, says another

Second source backs up our report that EA is resurrecting classic Bullfrog franchise

A second source has backed up what we reported late last week, that EA is working on a new entry in Bullfrog's cult classic Syndicate series.

According to our latest secret agent, the report we published on the new Syndicate entry is "definitely real" and The Darkness dev Starbreeze is indeed the studio behind the remake. Excellent news, if true - and it's looking more and more likely.


Starbreeze publicly struck a deal with EA last year to resurrect one of the publisher's "classic franchises", but hasn't officially named anything. After The Darkness, the studio sounds like a perfect fit for a bit of gritty cyberpunk.

In case you're wondering what we're on about, the original Syndicate was released on PC in 1993 and later followed up in 1996 by Syndicate Wars.

The game put players in charge of a militant global corporation, and tasked them with leading cyborg agents around a gritty cyberpunk world rescuing captured allies and assassinating rival syndicate executives. It was wicked.

When contacted EA was unfortunately unavailable for comment, be we doubt it would've coughed up an official press release. It's a case of waiting and seeing we're afraid.