Wii Music tops Japanese chart

Successful debut for Nintendo's latest

Wii Music has entered the Japanese software chart at No1, selling 92,000 copies in its debut week.


First announced at this year's E3, Wii Music represents Nintendo's next step in its bid for world domination. A feat it will achieve thanks to our mums and dads.

However, only time will tell if Wii Music can prove as successful as the other Wii games that have propelled the company to the position of top dog this generation.

According to ChartGet, which has some lovely colourful sales graphs if you like that sort of thing, Wii Play and Wii Fit have each notched up sales of around 2.5 million copies in Japan, while Wii Sports has moved over three million units in the country.

So Wii Music has some way to go yet, but lets face it, even if it's not your type of thing, it's bound to be massive. Game's out on November 14 in Europe.