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Exclusive Day of Crisis videos

Over 10 minutes of gameplay footage

We took a trip to Nintendo recently to get a sneaky peek at the English version of Disaster: Day of Crisis, and filmed a bunch of videos for you lot. Aren't we nice.

In our recent hands-on preview here we detailed some of the games many gameplay nuances, and how it uses the Wii Remote in different ways at every opportunity. You'll see everything we discussed in action in the clips below and more.

Its all taken off-screen, and zoomed out slightly because of a Nintendo stipulation that all off-screen footage of Wii games must show the controllers - so you know how the motion comes into play. So you'll have to put up with our crusty mitts waving around in the foreground.

And don't worry about spoilers - it's all taken from earlier stages in the game.

This video is no longer available

We thought you might want to see for yourself how the whole game kicks off, so here's the intro sequence. Rescue team member, and the game's main character, Raymond Bryce, is on a rescue mission at an active volcano, when it all goes belly-up.

This video is no longer available

This is the opening stage - Bryce awakens from being knocked unconscious by a falling rock, and you have to escape the increasingly dangerous volcano. You'll see the in-game action scenes and breathe system active in this clip.

This video is no longer available

See us rescuing a couple of officers in trouble, then taking on a bunch of terrorists in a short Time Crisis-style shoot out. Icons appear over enemies to show their status - red is for danger, and purple means they're vulnerable. That's when you nail 'em.

This video is no longer available

It's an EARTHQUAKE! The ground shakes and you have to get out of the building. Notice the cool radio effect - a voice that comes from the Remote speaker. And it's remarkably clear, too. Then we set off for a leisurely drive into a shaken and crumbling city.

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