London cosplayers set world record

342 gamers play record-beating dress-up in London - disturbing pic inside

Hundreds of gamers descended on the London docklands this weekend to break the world record for the number of cosplayers in one location. Probably better off we stayed in, then.

342 fancy dressers, including grown men dressed as Solid Snake, Dante and a shite-load of Final Fantasy Characters, gathered at the London Excel centre as part of this week's London Games Festival.

The London cosplay crew narrowly broke previous record of 337 set in Germany last week, but apparently a further 50 costumed Londoners were turned away because "rules stated that characters who were primarily famous from movies were disqualified". That must've been a really embarrassing walk home.


"It was a bit touch-and-go for a while, but the gaming community really stepped up to the challenge," Festival director Duncan Best told the Beeb.

"It's a measure of how games have really got into popular culture," Best added. "It's no different from seeing fans dressed as Romulans or Mr Spock at a Star Trek convention."

We're saying nothing.