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New Wheelman video and screens

Bringing it Home mission detailed by lead mission designer

Remember The Wheelman, the movie-based game starring shiny-headed action hero/gamer Vin Diesel that was originally supposed to launch last year?

Well, the car chase game's in development at Midway's Newcastle studio, and just to assure you it's still coming the company's released a new trailer which sees the game's lead mission designer Mark Thompson walk you through Bringing it Home.

This section of the game will see you "bust into the Romanian's warehouse, huge epic conflict battle, we end up stealing the truck with the Romanian goods", which then has to be delivered at speed back to HQ on the other side of town, although obviously the Eastern Europeans aren't going to let you get away that easily.


Click the play button to view the ensuing action in the trailer, and check out the new screens too.

The game's finally due for release in February 2009 for PS3, 360 and PC.