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Rockstar: The idea of DLC is "scary"

Dan Houser says the thought of delivering GTA DLC is exciting but daunting

Rockstar vice president Dan Houser has spoken of his fear and excitement about distributing Grand Theft Auto IV content online.


"The idea of sending content down the internet is scary to me in some ways, because I'm old enough to think it's all got to be on a disc," the old-timer said, before expressing his confidence in Microsoft to deliver over Xbox Live.

"Everyone seems convinced that the internet is eventually how you'll be distributing your games, and this is our first foray into that, and I think Xbox Live is a great environment to be doing that - they've got a really vibrant community and insanely popular and efficient ways of getting stuff out to people," he told Edge-Online.

The first of two batches of episodic content for the insanely well received GTA IV is due this fall on 360, although whether that means 2008 or not is still unclear.

So what should we be expecting when it does arrive? Well, Houser's still being vague on the subject.

"I'm trying to think of something to say that's not too bland, because I can't really talk about it. I think it's really cool, and as an overall package there are two episodes, and each episode works on its own, and as a whole it works well. It adds to the experience in a fun way. If you enjoyed GTA IV, you'll enjoy it. If you didn't, it will provide some new things for you to not enjoy."

Guess we'll have to wait a little longer for the juicy details then.

On the subject of the DLC, have Rockstar and Microsoft waited too long to deliver it? Are you still interested, or have you moved on from GTA IV never to return?