Golden Joysticks 2008: Live blog

Article: Watch the awards live

Blimey that was quick. It's that time of the year again, when all the important people in the games industry gather under one roof to celebrate the Oscars of the gaming world, voted by you. The 2008 Golden Joystick Awards together with Virgin Media, are about to kick off in a champagne-filled Park Lane Hilton in London. Hit this link for pics of the warm up.

It's going be an interesting one this year, because not only does the voting period cover the release-pocalypse of late last year but also some of this year's biggest games.


Halo 3, GTA IV, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, Spore, Super Mario Galaxy, The Orange Box, BioShock and even more gaming titans have been thrown into the collective opinion pile of gamers.

Voting closed on Monday and we received a whooping total of 856,000 votes - let's push for a million next year eh?. Who will come out on top? Liberally refresh this page to see the drama unfold.

Click here to watch the show live.

Live blogging starts below...

Hello and welcome to CVG's Golden Joysticks live blog! It's the one day a year we get to wear a suit, so we're making the most of it by Reservoir Dogs-ing around the media room and flashing our jacket lining like Essex car salesmen.

We'll be blogging throughout the ceremony - which is due to kick off in about 20 minutes - so F5 this window alongside the live stream above for our commentary.

Our man Mike Jackson is off speaking to the Beeb about award stuff. Look for him on BBC Breakfast news tomorrow morning. We know he's about to text all of his friends and family.

It's a bit of a weird setup here. We're sat in the media room next to the main ballroom, which is basically a hall full of bloggers, marketing men and the big lighted sponsor board where they do the telly interviews. Host Frankie Boyle just strolled in - looks like he's drinking water. The girl.

The announcer, the same bloke who does the National Lottery, just announced that the Awards will kick off in ten minutes. Keep checking this article for live photos from the show, by the way.

Although we can't see the actual stage from our seat (we obviously didn't pay enough for ours) there's a telly next to us that we're promised will display the show. It doesn't help that we had a bit of an awkward sleep last night and can't seem to look left.

Lottery man just announced that there's 5 minutes left.

Boyle is still drinking water in the media room. Maybe he's nervous. We bet it'll look really dramatic when he runs onto the stage from somewhere around the back, but it's not as exciting when we can see him swigging Evian.

It's kicked off. We know this because of the loud dance music thumping through the walls - there's absolutely nothing on our telly.

Luckily we've got a speaker that works fine. Boyle's taken the stage. Apparently we all look like shaved monkeys that've been pushed through Topman. Fair comment.

We don't think this intro's being streamed live - it's a bit close to the line. If he was on Radio 2 right now he'd definitely be in for a trip to a meeting room.

Don't worry, we've heard some of these jokes on Mock the Week anyway.

If he wants to top Justin Lee Collins he'll have to come to the after party and sing punk karaoke.

Our internet went down for a bit there. You missed the Nuts and The Sun awards, both which saw Activision win (CoD4 and Guitar Hero) and lots of boobs.

Next is Handheld Game of the Year sponsored by girls mag Bliss. To present it are... some girls. The top three are are FFVII Crisis Core, Call of Duty 4 and... Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass wins. Again, well deserved.

Next up is EA Mobile for the Mobile award. Lots more nominations for Activision. Guitar Hero is third, Metal Gear Solid second and the winner is... Bejeweled 2. We'd say it's a good choice, but to be honest we haven't played it.

We're loving the National Lottery bloke. We wonder how much it'd be for him to do our Halloween party?

Next is the Mobile Game Pitch, a bit of special one for budding developers. Ea Mobile, Nokia and E4 are doing it. The winner gets a proper game deal with EA, if we're correct.

We're not entirely sure who the winner is, but you'll be able to read about him on the front page shortly.

It's the first big one; Nintendo Game of the Year. Nintendo take two of the top three slots, but it's a shocker - Mario Galaxy has lost out to Super Smash Bros. Brawl, which is crowned winner.

They're blitzing through these; we haven't even got time to tell you about the exciting marketing discussions going on in the media room. They're doing PC Game of the Year now; Crysis gets third, Portal second and the winner is... Call of Duty 4. We see a trend starting here.

Retailer of the Year is speeding ahead next. Is it Game, Gameplay, Game Station or Why, of course, who you all love buying your games from. Apparently.

Is it PlayStation Game of the Year already? The usual suspects are up there; CoD4, GTA, but those two have lost out to... Metal Gear Solid 4. You can see the full list of results on the front page, by the way.

Soundtrack of the Year sponsored by BBC1Xtra is next. Three lovely DJ chaps who just walked through the media room are on stage. Runners up are Super Mario Galaxy (good choice), Guitar Hero III, but the winner is... GTA IV! The Djs just gave it a "woop!"

Xbox is next. We're surprised Boyle isn't taking the mickey more, to be honest. Lottery man says Halo 3 and BioShock have lost out to... GTA IV! They might as well have not left the stage.

The BBC1Xtra boys are legging it round the media room. Looks like they're doing something on the radio, we presume.

Most Wanted is on screen - Fallout III, Resident Evil 3, Animal Crossing, Prince of Persia and Far Cry 2. The winner is... Fallout III, according to Edge's Tony Mott. It's out today, so you don't have to want it for much longer.

Online Game of the Year sponsored by Games Radar is next. Nominations are CoD4, WoW, LoTR Online, Team Fotress and Age of Conan. The winner, according to Radar editor George Walter is... Call of Duty 4. Good choice. Infinity Ward are going to need a new shelf...

Next up is UK developer of the year presented by our own Mike Jackson. Damn, Boyle didn't take the mickey out of his name. Nominations are Codemasters, Lionhead and the winner... Rockstar North. They only did one game, but it was very, very good.

Mike will be disappointed as he had tons of comebacks prepared for the "Michael Jackson" jibes.

E4 Grandmaster Flash gong is next, for Flash games of course. Hollyoaks blokes are presenting it - we're all star struck. We can't say we've heard of any of the nominations, but the winner Stickman Madness looks interesting.

Next is The One to Watch sponsered by Isn't this similar to Most Wanted? Nominations are CoD: World at War (surprise), Resi 5, Fable II and Gears of War 2. The winner is... Call of Duty: World at War. Everyone loves CoD.
It's Publisher of the Year next, which seems to have got a lot of the marketing exec-filled tables very excited. Nominations include Nintendo and Rockstar, but the winner is... Activision Blizzard. God, they're definitely going to need a new awards cabinet now.

And it's the final, big one; The Ultimate Game of the Year. That went quick.

Virgin Media man is on stage to present. The nominations are MGS4, The Witcher, Super Smash Bros. Brawl, GTA IV and evening favourite CoD4.

GTA IV is second, which means the winner is... Call of Duty 4. It's really cleaned up tonight.

Activision's got it's entire PR team on stage to celebrate. Well done to them.

And it looks like it's all over. Danny Boyle's left as quickly as he arrived - in fact he just walked past our blogging table - and Lottery Man is telling us about the free booze at the after party. It's been a special one this year, with tons of generally fantastic contenders up for the gongs, but it looks like Call of Duty 4 has been elected as your Game of the Year for the last 12 months.

We'll see you next year and keep checking back for more photos and the full list of winners on the front page.