EA talks up big name sequels

Dead Space, Mirror's Edge, Mercenaries 2 and Spore to receive follow-ups or expansions

EA's been pushing new IP recently, and it fully intends to capitalise on its new games by turning them into franchises.


During a recent investor call EA boss John Riccitiello confirmed that Dead Space and Mirror's Edge will receive follow-ups in the future, that Mercenaries 3 is definitely on the way, and that Spore will be getting a number of expansion packs.

"As for titles like Dead Space and Mirror's Edge, I think you can absolutely expect those titles to come back in one way, shape or form, but they're not likely to be annual sequels," he said.

Dead Space has been very well received, so we're more than pleased to hear that it'll be back, while Mirror's Edge isn't even out until the middle of next month, although you can check out Xbox World 360's latest preview here.

"[As for] Mercenaries 2 - there will be a Mercenaries 3," Riccitiello added. "And if I can have anything to do with it there will be a Mercenaries 10." Steady on.

On top of that he labelled September release Spore "a franchise", according to Edge-Online, and confirmed that two expansion packs are due over the next six months, "with many more to come".