Criterion details next Burnout update

Along with planned PS3-exclusive content, and a DLC-filled re-release

Criterion has already laid out some of the most extensive (and free!) DLC in the current generation, and it's not done yet.

Speaking of the next run of content headed to the now gargantuan racer, Criterion detailed a PS3-exclusive 'Burnout Paradise Network' feature, a 'Paradise City Party Pack' and more.

The BP Network, due for a February '09 release, uses the PS3's browser in-game. "We always like to embrace the great hardware innovations for PlayStation. We're using the browser to bring you closer to your friends and also to get you the latest news on what we're working on - it's like having inside the game," said producer, Jeremy Chubb.


About the Party mode, Chubb said: "Burnout's an awesome social game, but the action's all online. With Party, we wanted to create something for when all the players are in one place - gathered around a single screen."

So the Party pack adds an 8-player pass-the-pad multiplayer mode, the game dropping players into Paradise city one at a time to complete small micro challenges before passing the pad. First shots of it in action are below.

Criterion also confirmed it'll be re-releasing the game with all of 2008's DLC, as well as the new Party mode, already pre-loaded into it. The package will be called Burnout Paradise: The Ultimate Box. That'll also be out in February.

"We're just at the start of a series of announcements for 2009 Burnout Paradise content," said Chubb.