Sega axes monkey ad after PETA complains

Animal welfare group thanks Sega for seeing the light over Samba De Amigo ads

Sega has been 'praised' by animal welfare group PETA for its "new-found commitment to animals" after the company pulled a video featuring a chimpanzee from its website.


The decision to remove the Samba De Amigo ad was made after People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) contacted the company to explain that chimpanzee "actors" are often mistreated.

"Once we informed Sega of the horrible things chimpanzee 'actors' go through (such as being ripped from their mothers when just days old, being forced to perform demeaning tricks, shocked with electric collars, beaten, and deprived of food), they immediately made the kind decision to pull the video from their site and promised to keep all great apes out of future ads," PETA said.

You can see one of the ads for the rhythm game, which shows a real life monkey alongside a family playing Wii below. Is it wrong to laugh?

This video is no longer available