Home beta entrants picked on "concept of loyalty"

And those names have been chosen already, says Sony

Sony's Home community manager has said that those picked to enter the Home public beta expected later this month have been chosen "based on the concept of loyalty".


SCEE will pick a (expectedly large) number of PS3 owners to enter the Home public beta within weeks, giving those lucky ones and chance to enter the service before its general open release due before Christmas.

But how can you make an effort to be chosen? The Sony rep, known on the official PS forum as TedTheDog, said: "We had a couple of plans on how that was going to be done," hinting rather vaguely that "both were broadly based on the concept of loyalty."

Maybe you'll have had to have downloaded all the Home-related content from PSN, posted a thousand messages on a Home forum or maybe just played your PS3 for billions of hours.

Either way, there's nothing you can do now as the rep reveals: "We've picked the names already and no, I'm not going to reveal the list."

Although there are STILL no dates, the rep did say the Open beta - the proper release of Home for all to use - will be with us "within weeks" of the US-only Qore subscribers' beta access giveaway. The latest episode of Qore is out today.