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LittleBigPlanet: Build an old-school game Pt. 1

Part 1 - Create the original scrolling platformer, Pitfall

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The door will either slide open and close again, or will shove the door out into the pit and break itself. Tweak the Piston's settings so the door slides in and out perfectly, and build another piston door on the other side by copying the door and flipping it. When you press Play they should work in sync, and you've got shifting quicksand - a Pitfall staple. Well done.


6. Dire logs
Build a circular piece of wood in all three planes so Sackboy can't just dodge it. Set it on fire and then go to the Tools menu and Capture the log as an object. Stick a block of stone far along in Sackboy's path.

Select Tools, and stick an Emitter on this block and set it so it emits these flaming logs. Tweak the Emitter's settings to taste, and when you press Play logs will roll from the emitter into the shifting pit, filling it with flaming logs!


7. Triple jump, for your life
Move further left along the level and, using the same technique you used making the vine swing, you can now create three swinging vines over a pit full of living danger. We added crocodiles to ours, then placed them in noxious gas and positioned green glass in front of them so they seem to be in murky water.

The player will now have to make three successful vine swings in a row to avoid death by snapping reptile and stinking bog water. Pitfall didn't have triple vines, but then it wasn't powered by a sexy PlayStation 3. Add an end to your level to finish it off nicely, and Pitfall is yours.

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