Nintendo coy on HD Wii

Miyamoto says the company's not "relaxed and soft on graphics" though

Nintendo design legend Shigeru Miyamoto is remaining tight-lipped about the possibility of the company releasing an HD Wii, but he certainly didn't rule out the idea when quizzed recently.

"I'm afraid we cannot confirm what we are doing today," he said when asked whether Nintendo is planning to release a high definition Wii.

"But the fact of the matter is that technology is evolving all the time and in Japan, for example in the year 2010 all the analogue broadcast will be stopped and shifted into the digital broadcasting. So many things are taking place and we are working in terms of the changes of the technologies all the time."


Miyamoto also said that it's a misconception that Wii isn't possible of meeting the level of graphical quality hardcore gamers want.

"... When it comes to specific points such as generating high definition graphics we might appear to be rather relaxed and soft on graphics," he acknowledged.

"However, the fact of the matter is that Wii is capable enough to cater to the needs of these hardcore gamers in terms of gameplay content as well as the graphical content, so I really don't want people to be concerned about that kind of attitude."

A bit too non-committal for our liking, although we reckon an HD Wii is a fair bet. However, with Wii sales still off the chart two years after the console released we think it will be a while yet, just like industry analyst Michael Pachter.

A couple of months back the Mystic Meg of the industry said Nintendo would likely launch a high definition Wii in the next two to three years should the prices of graphics processors and CPUs come down sufficiently.

You can see the full Miyamoto interview here.