Burnout gets... the DeLorean!

New DeLorean-like hover car revealed in screens

Of all the (insane amounts of) download content Criterion Games has put out for Burnout Paradise, this has to be the coolest: a DeLorean look-alike hover car.

It's called the The Jansen 88 Special, and is based on the "fan-favourite" Jansen P12, explains producer Jeremy Chubb. And yes, it actually hovers.


"If you want to take off, this is just the car for you. Hit L3 to switch to hover mode - the wheels retract and the car takes off and hovers through Paradise City at head height," explains Chubb. Awesome.

"This is the first of 4 cars that we're making available as part of a wealth of new downloadable content for Burnout Paradise. They're available to buy individually or discounted, if you pick up the whole set. In addition to the Jansen 88 Special, look out for the Cavalry Bootlegger, Manhattan Spirit and the GT Nighthawk," he adds on the PS Blog.

That's the Legendary cars pack, and is due out in February next year. Can't wait.