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New WiiWare 'Style' series unveiled

Downloadable titles to combine "new game concepts with striking audio-visuals"

Nintendo will launch three new downloadable titles via WiiWare which have collectively been dubbed the Art Style series.

Described as a "stylish new series of unique Wii games" that demonstrate "WiiWare's ability to provide a platform for new creative opportunities", the first party titles will combine "simple yet highly playable new game concepts with striking audio-visuals".

The games - Cubello, Rotohex and Orbient - will launch consecutively in the coming weeks beginning with Cubello on November 21, and they'll cost 600 Wii Points each.

Here's the official blurb:

Cubello challenges players to eliminate cubes from a rotating "cluster" by launching matching coloured cubes, fired with the Wii Remote. Levels are completed as players clear all of the cubes without the cluster becoming too big.

Cubello calls on two skills often seen in games - shooting and puzzle-solving - but combines them in a whole new way that will test players' brains and trigger fingers in equal measure. In conjunction with the eye-catching visuals and ear-pleasing sounds, Cubello will put players in a spin!

Rotohex brings colourful multiplayer puzzle action to the Art Style series. As triangular panels fall into a grid, players must build coloured hexagons as fast as possible by rotating them into position, to clear them from the grid. Once six have been joined together, they disappear. If the player fails to match the colours quickly enough, the grid fills up - making for a frantic race against time that requires fast thinking and reactions.

In multiplayer mode, players compete across two grids simultaneously, to create hexes faster than their opponent. To make things even harder, "block panels" are created in an opponent's grid if their opponent successfully makes a hex, reducing the space available to play in.

In Orbient, take control of gravity itself and guide a rogue star through the galaxy, using the magnetic force of other stars and planets to reach your goal, while avoiding deadly obstacles like asteroids and black holes.

Using the Wii Remote, players control gravity and anti-gravity to pilot their small star towards blue stars; absorbing them will increase their own planet's size. After reaching a certain size, players can capture the sun within each level and move on to the next challenge.