Alone in the Dark PS3 gets BANGING remixes

Trance DJ Tiesto does official remix for Inferno

Atari is set to accompany the release of PS3 re-working Alone in the Dark: Inferno with a remix of the game's main theme by renowned Electronic Dance Music DJ Tiesto.

The remix, which basically sticks some high hats on top of a Bulgarian choir, will be available as a CD single and a digital download on PSN on November 18.

The release will be accompanied by a full-length music video featuring footage from the game, a teaser of which you can find on the bottom of this page.

"The original soundtrack is a great composition with a lot of ingredients which fit perfectly in the remix," said Dutch man TiŽsto. "It was the first time for me to produce a remix for a videogame and therefore a great challenge, I enjoyed it a lot!"

Two additional remixes of the track will be available on PSN later this month.

As for the game, it's said to improve the slightly disappointing 360 version of with tweaked controls, a more accessible inventory system and improved car handling, says Atari.

Judge it for yourself with the demo, which is on the European PlayStation Network now. The full game's out tomorrow.

This video is no longer available