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Halo Wars DLC already done

But will be held back to "sustain interest" in the game, reveals lead designer

Downloadable content for Halo Wars is not only planned, but is pretty much finished too.

The main thing is that DLC was built into the game design from the very beginning so we've actually been working on DLC all along," lead designer Graeme Devine told CVG.


"It was never the plan to finish the game THEN start work on the DLC," he went on to say, adding that the DLC was pretty much done already.

So why not just give it all to us to play, instead of holding parts of the game back for us to buy later, we asked? "That's a good marketing argument," said Devine.

"I think the thing with DLC is that, if you release it all, how do you sustain interest in the game? One of the ways of sustaining interest in a game is with [the timely release of] DLC. So I think it it's there for that purpose and does a good job."

Devine went on to justify: "I think if you get it all it's like a massive blitz of content in your face and you don't get all the value of everything we've put into the game. I think the game contains an awful lot in the box already so DLC is a good way to be able to add to that experience."

Halo Wars is due out early next year. Check out the full interview right here, in which Devine explains why he believes Halo Wars is the first pure-breed console RTS.