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"I don't want Resi 5 to be more Gearsy" - Cliff B

"Let Resident Evil be its own thing," says Gears of War designer on Capcom's new controls

North America's best-groomed game designer, Cliff Bleszinski, has responded to Resident Evil 5's new Gears of War-like control scheme, which debuted at TGS in September, telling Xbox World 360 that he'd rather Resi "be its own thing."

"I think Gears of War was probably influenced by Resident Evil 4 which was a Japanese game," Cliff told the mag, "and so to see Resident Evil 5 being influenced by Gears - a western game - is very much a... Well, I saw those guys backstage at E3 before we did the briefing and they were sorta like (pointing) 'Gears of War!' and we were all like 'Resident Evil!'


"In a way, I don't want Resident Evil to be more Gearsy, because I work on Gears," he said. "Let Gears be its own thing and let Resi be its own thing.

When asked if he thinks Capcom will have to change Resi 5's gameplay for the new Gears-like control scheme, Bleszinski said it shouldn't be too difficult for the boys in Japan.

"I don't think they'll have to re-jig the level design," he said, "but if for instance they add the ability to strafe a little bit while targeted that could affect the difficulty loop and they may need to affect enemy movement speed as well as how much damage enemies do - those are all variables that aren't impossible to tweak."

Read the full interview with Bleszinski looking back on Gears 2 (and not Resident Evil) in Xbox World 73, out Thursday. Next up, we interview Peter Molyneux on Street Fighter IV...