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PC Gamer Podcast: Episode 22: The Disaster

The worst impression of Ross you'll ever hear.

For what as far as I can remember is the first time, the podcasterinos attempt to do without smooth-voiced master of ceremonies Ross Atherton. After several false starts, Tim, Craig, Graham and John share Fallout 3 anecdotes, debate why Left 4 Dead is king, enthuse over next year's crop.

Three of the podcasterinos have asked me to emphasise again that John is wrong about Fallout 3. The fourth was unavailable for comment.

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iTunes users should find last month's pops up at the same time - our podcasting laptop had a traumatic incident on the first of January 1970, and every time its batteries run out it resets its memories to that fateful day. If we forget to correct it, as a certain GRAHAM RODHAM SMITH did last month, the podcast is sent back in time to before iTunes existed, annihilating thirty-seven parallel universes and at least six nuns.