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PETA attacks Cooking Mama series

Animal welfare group unhappy with lack of veggie options in Wii and DS titles

PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) has hit out at Majesco's Wii and DS series Cooking Mama for not being animal-friendly enough.

The group has launched a website, entitled Cooking Mama: Mama Kills Animals, which urges consumers to contact the game's publisher to request that future games in the series feature more vegetarian recipes.

Designed to highlight the "immense suffering" endured by many animals before they hit your dinner plate, the site also hosts a flash based game that sees you plucking feathers from a dead turkey and removing its internal organs in preparation for a Thanksgiving dinner.


"If Mama knew what happened to animals on factory farms, she very well might want Majesco Entertainment to make a new Cooking Mama game that is much more animal-friendly," reads a PETA statement.

"And while we're excited that Mama is going to be more vegetable-friendly in the upcoming Gardening Mama game, we'd love to see a more vegetarian-friendly Mama as well.

"Please give Mama a voice - write to Majesco and politely ask that it create more vegetarian recipes for Mama or even a game with just vegetarian recipes!"

This is the second time PETA has targeted the games industry in recent weeks.

You might remember a recent story about Sega axing a Samba De Amigo ad after the animal welfare group made complaints about the chimpanzee 'actor' featured in the commercial.