Cop: Games have "negative impact" on driving

Playing racing games can increase real-life risk-taking, warns Aussie cop

Racing games have a "negative impact" on real-life drivers because they increase risk-taking behind the wheel, an Aussie cop has claimed.

New South Wales acting Superintendent, Dave Evans told the Daily Telegraph that games like Gran Turismo and Forza Motorsport contribute to a lack of responsibility on the road.


"Video games can have a negative impact on young drivers because it increases their complacency and their indulgence in risk-taking behaviour," Supt Evans said.

"In games you race, you crash and it is a matter of pressing the buttons and off you go again. In real life it doesn't work that way, you can be killed."

The top Aussie cop's comments are at odds with those made by Forza developer Turn 10, which claimed that playing Forza 2 will actually improve players' driving skills.

"Absolutely. I think the things you learn in Forza Motorsport apply in the real world," game director Dan Greenawalt told CVG. "A lot of people can play other similar racing games - there are a lot of games that are kind of in the middle of sim and arcade - and they learn that if you're at the edge of traction and you brake, you'll get more turning. Well that's just not true, and it'll get you killed on a track.

Greenawalt continued, "If you're on the edge of traction on your front tyres turning and you brake, you've now exceeded your traction and you're going to under steer straight off into a barrier. We've had people play these other games and then they play Forza and go 'wow, how come when I brake it doesn't turn more?' well, that's because it doesn't in the real world. I think we're teaching people how to drive well in a safe place. And it's less expensive than driving on a real track day."

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