Home 1.0 in closed beta tomorrow

Supposed leak details Home release plans

Home version 1.0 - the version that'll be released to the public - will be made available to closed beta testers tomorrow, according to supposed leaked info.

In what looks like a message intended only for closed beta testers themselves are the release plans for Home in the coming weeks.


"1.0 will arrive in the closed beta this Thursday the 20th and will entail a downtime starting in the morning," reads the document.

"On Friday we will send out our first batch of invitations to new testers to help load-test 1.0 and the new servers that are coming online in the next week or so," it adds.

"We have 2 further batches of invitations scheduled for the following week and overall we'll be inviting a huge number of people into the closed beta in SCEE territories."

Unfortunately though, it says: "Open Beta will be here when it's here." We don't like the sound of that.

There's a whole bunch of details and features in the document over on Tawkn which, if fake, does remarkably well to seem pretty real. Sony, however, has issued CVG with a "no comment" on the matter.