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Vin Diesel's Wheelman out Feb 2009

Not just another Hollywood knock-off, says Midway

Midway has dated its Vin Diesel action game Wheelman for February 16 in both Norh America and Europe. It'll make a nice late Valentines Day present.

The PS3 and Xbox 360 actioner features and is exec produced by Diesel, who plays a undercover cop and driving expert cruising around Barcelona trying to infiltrate a heist group. Midway says its inspired by "Hollywood's most famous car chases".


"This is not just another run-of-the-mill, licensed Hollywood knock-off," said Midway president, Matt Booty. "Wheelman features revolutionary new game design mechanics like cinematic super moves and vehicular combat. Once you experience Wheelman's Vehicle Melee, you'll never want to play another driving game without it!"

"We're designing Wheelman to play like a Hollywood blockbuster," adds Vin Diesel. "Playing this game will be just like taking control of the greatest car chases from feature films, except this time you're in the driver's seat."

Check out the latest shots and more information here.