GTA IV PC: The video editor

Videos: Impressive flicks you will be able to make in GTA IV PC

The biggest console game of the year is coming to PC next month, and along with improved visuals and expanded multiplayer modes it's bringing with it one particularly exciting feature; a full-on, easy to use video editor.

When the GTA IV PC arrives on December 3, you'll be able to hit F2 (or Back on an Xbox 360 controller for Windows) to automatically save the last 30 to 40 seconds of gameplay, depending on how intense the action was. You can do this as many times as you like for, potentially, a feature film's worth of GTA IV gameplay.

Then booting up the video editor you can cut and tweak the footage using a video timeline, various filters, camera angles and special effects.

Gameplay of Niko walking down a street gunning down cops for example, can be viewed from all angles via a free-flying camera, switched into slow motion and then chopped up in to several scenes. You could attach the camera to one of the cops getting nailed, or cleverly free-cam-follow a rocket as it exits your RPG and impacts a chopper.

It's all very reminiscent of Lionhead's excellent and underrated The Movies, and we can see the GTA community going absolutely mental with the Machinima when it comes out.

Rockstar's handed us four videos - made entirely with the GTA IV PC video editor - to show you what you the sort of stuff you can come achieve with the editor. Somehow though, we've got a feeling the community edits will be much, much smarter...

This video is no longer available

Liberty is the video we're all going to make first; cars five feet off the ground, exploding coppers and lots of slow-motion as people point guns at each other. Rockstar probably had to play quite a bit to capture some of these scenes...

This video is no longer available

Niko vs. Niko is an expanded effort on the 'guns and explosions' fair we'll all make first, except here Rockstar's spliced together some single-player scenes to assemble some sort of story.

This video is no longer available

Gutterballs shows how, with a bit of clever editing, your movies don't all have to be about Niko Belic and shooting at cops. We particularly like the clever camera use in this one - especially the shot between the lass's legs. Ahem... just watch it.

This video is no longer available

... and finally, Rockstar couldn't resist knocking up a video full of masturbation jokes. This is our favourite, and again, very clever editing to keep the focus away from that Belic bloke.