Aliens: Colonial Marines "isn't canned"

Gearbox shoots down rumours of Colonial cancellation

Gearbox president Randy Pitchford has denied rumours that the developer's squad-based first-person shooter Aliens: Colonial Marines has been cancelled.


Pitchford moved to deny cancellation rumours after both Kotaku and ShackNews, citing "multiple sources", reported that the Sega project had been axed, along with a number of staff at the developer.

"Aliens isn't canned," said Pitchford. "We've made some transformative changes and yes, that's meant some talent changes, but that's not the real story. The true relevance of the story will actually be irrelevant until we release our next game, at which time I hope there will be a lot of interest in what we've done that can produce such results."

He also said that the game "is very exciting and I look forward to the right moment we can more fully unveil our efforts there".

That's certainly good news, but Pitchford didn't offer any clues about when the game might actually be released.

The PS3, 360 and PC title will feature a story driven single-player mode and a four player co-op mode when it finally launches, and will see you play a member of a United States Colonial Marine squad that goes off to face the extraterrestrial assault from the brilliant Alien movies.