Cletus Clay revealed

XBLA and PC platform brawler made entirely out of clay

Independent UK developer Tuna Technologies is developing a new platform brawler for PC and Xbox Live Arcade created and animated entirely in clay.

The side-scrolling title, which will be available in 2009, is described as "a fast paced old-school run'n'gun with eye catching visuals and a seriously irreverent attitude".


"Playing as the eponymous Cletus, a bad-tempered, wise-cracking, gun-totin' hick, you take on a bunch of uninvited alien visitors who have had the temerity to trespass through your farmland on their way to conquering the Earth."

Plenty of flying saucers, ray guns, giant robots and motherships are promised, and most interestingly they'll all have been created entirely from clay.

"Cletus Clay is a fusion of traditional model making, stop-motion animation and modern digital technology. Virtually every object in the game has been modelled, photographed and animated using similar techniques to those used on productions such as Wallace and Gromit," says the dev.