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Nintendo switched logos "two years" ago

Calm down the internet

News doing the rounds this morning of Nintendo having dropped its classic red logo are "two years late" according to Nintendo.

Nintendo has been using the grey logo following the launch of Wii - in line with the console's new image - as you may have noticed if you read the Official Nintendo Magazine, which has been using the grey logo for around 18 issues.


News broke this morning that the red logo had been dropped following a request from NOE that publications only use the grey logo.

Nintendo UK has cleared thing up though, saying the red logo was simply set aside, and that the grey logo is being used "for the time being". Maybe nobody noticed?

"We are using grey but the racetrack logo can be represented in a number of different colours. You'll often see it in black, white, silver or grey," it said.

You may have noticed that the DS packaging features a black logo, the Wii boxes have the grey one. "This has been the case on both hardware formats since their releases," added Nintendo.

So we might see the red logo make a return when the circumstances are right. For now though, it's the clean, grey, iPod look for Nintendo.